Fantastic Fantasy from Charleynne Gates


Flavia, Sendara of the Graelands, is desperate to find the hero who will save her Labyrinth World from Ab'addon, Lord of Desolation. According to the Prophecies, that hero is Oliver Medley, who possesses the one Gift that can drive out Ab'addon's dark forces. But Oliver is middle-aged, overweight, and shy; lives in the Maze World (Earth); and is completely oblivious to the existence of Flavia and her world. He also has no clue what his Gift might be. Only when formidable Great-Aunt Belvedine crashes into his quiet life and sweeps him off to help Flavia does he realize he's in the adventure of his secret dreams. After his own mistake causes Flavia's abduction, he is sent on a Quest to rescue her, encountering Dwarvians, Wraiths, a gigantic cave serpent, Ab'addon's Garden of Smoke and Mirrors, and more terrors than he has ever imagined. But he must persist, for he has pledged his fealty--and his life--to the Sendara Flavia. Saint Amber's Rose is an entrancing novel of deep fantasy, high magic, and the soul's journey to reach its greatest potential.

"Readers interested in selecting a book club selection will find a treasure trove in Saint Amber's Rose."
"You'll feel that you've been taken on a creative and beautiful adventure full of hidden and revealed meaning."
"This amazingly entertaining book is enchanting, suspenseful, captivating and imaginative!"

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Isobel deStrange, just 16, flees from a forced marriage to evil Lord Drule. She longs for peace and safety in the convent of St. Dentalia, but unknown to her, the nuns were "Turned" long ago. . . . Now all of them are vampires! Is lovely, innocent Isobel doomed to make her vows to the fanged sisterhood . . . or will her long-lost true love, Theo, be able to save her from an Undead fate?

Charleynne Gates lives in the alternate dimension of Eugene, Oregon, where she plays piano and organ. She has known several vampires, but is pledged not to reveal their identities. She is NOT a vampire herself.

"As a former nun myself, I really bit into this book. There were many tongue in cheek references to my past experiences, and who doesn't like a good love story filled with tenderness and courage. Can you imagine vampire nuns? Gates has a magical imagination, as witnessed in her last book, Saint Amber's Rose."
"What a fun read! Great twist on traditional vampires and, as with St Amber's Rose, a rich development of each character that adds great visualization to the experience. Can't wait for the next volume!"
"Ms Gates has done it again! She is a master at suspense. This tiny tale will trick your imagination. There are lots of surprises in this delightful, spooky narrative...just in time for Halloween! A great gift. I received it from a friend."

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